Flowers at noon

A year ago, he quoted Nietzsche to tug at her heart.

He then had to leave,

while she set out to learn a new langauge,

a language he thought in.

Today, they’ve invented their own.




Christmas in Germany

Christmas, or Weihnachten as it is called in Germany, is a season to make merry, spend money and fatten that tummy. Most cities have ‘Wiehnachten Markets’ which sell christmas items, clothes, pottery, chocolates, food and of course the main attraction the Glüwein stall. I did my fair share of drinking the spiced hot wine this holiday season.

Here’s what goes on in a typical Weihnachten Market.

Pumpkin Soup

Another year ends and there are books still unread, places you didn’t travel to and that muffin top, that you didn’t get rid of. But we have another 365 days added to our cart, to make another resolution list. And shamelessly one resloution of mine has been to get fit, for a few many years now.

My better half and myself enrolled in a gym a month ago, the interiors of which we saw just for a day. But we have slowly changed the eating habits – cut down on buying junk – chips, chocolates and forzen desserts. I’ve also resolved to give up sugar, which means no jam and quark for breakfast and no sugar in that morning coffee. So being the eternal foodie that i am, I’m hope to cook healthy and eat healthy in 2012.

Soup has always been great for weight loss. It’s healthy, light on the stomach and tastes great.


A few medium cloves garlic, unpeeled
1kg peeled, deseeded pumpkin
1 large (about 160g) onion, finely chopped
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 litre (4 cups) vegetable or chicken stock*
Cream, for serving
Ground nutmeg, for serving


Add chicken stock in pan, along with pumpkin pieces, onion and garlic. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg and cook till the pumpkin is soft and mashable.

Remove from heat and allow it to cool.

After cooling, add to blender and puree till smooth. Transfer the contents to the pan and cook still the soup is reduced.

Serve with a swirl of cream and garnish with parsley.