Days with Lakshmi

When I first got my camera, I was most excited about taking a series of photos to form an essay. The format of a photo essay is a great way to tell a story; with word and picture.

Here, I’m sharing with you one of my first photos; it’s a very personal essay of sorts. These photos are of Lakshmi, who has lived with me since the day I was born. She cared for me while both my parents were busy working their 9-5 jobs.

An energy warehouse, Lakshmi wakes up at 4:30 am every single day to finish most of the household chores. Sunday’s are reserved for a long walk to church and some dressing up.

Her tiny hands can accomplish almost anything, from saving up money in the bank to cooking a full course meal. She also loves the colour red.

She loves to collect synthetic saree’s, especially the bright coloured ones. She pairs her sari with complimenting coloured bangles. Her constant worry, tailors not stitching her saree blouses to fit.

She sometimes goes on vacation to visit her only brother in a village in Karnataka, India.  She returns home with stories and  bags overflowing with home-made sweets and snacks.

Large hearted and childlike, I’ve known her all my life. She holds my house together with her enthusiastic spirit.