Zaks, a tiny hole in the wall restaurant in Frazer Town, Bangalore is probably the reason why i fell in love with Hummus. I often went there starving with close friend and fellow foodie Sahar in tow. We would gormandize plates of hummus and pita bread and leave the place very happy and not too broke.

Hummus is served as a dip/spread usually with pita bread, you can also have them with crackers. For the calorie conscious, a tablespoon of Hummus is about 27 calories and a cup about 415. It’s healthy and very easy to make.


400gms Chickpeas

2 tablespoons Tahini Paste

3 cloves garlic

Juice of 2 lemons

Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Salt to taste



Soak chickpeas in water overnight and cook them in water till they are soft.

In a blender, add the boiled and cooled Chickpeas, tahini paste, salt, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and cumin. Blend well to reach a preferred consistency.

Add in a bowl and garnish with a finely chopped coriander, crushed pepper and a swig of Olive oil.

NOTE: Tahini Paste is commercially available. If you prefer making your own paste, you can store it for a maximum of three months. For Tahini paste, roast sesame seeds lightly. Ensure you don’t brown them while roasting. Cool the seeds and blend with some extra virgin olive oil till it is a smooth consistency.


3 comments on “Hummus

  1. bench jacken winter w
    Saved as a favorite, I enjoy your site! 🙂

  2. thanks hon, amazing detailing and love the way you make it sound simple.

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